FUSIC: The fusion of film and music

FUSIC, a concept developed by Bob Farnsworth and his team at Hummingbird Productions, is the fusion of film and music. In a broader sense, it is the fusion of anything visual and sonic. With the FUSIC approach, music and sound ideas are brought together with visual ideas at the beginning of a project so they both profoundly influence each other from inception.

Historically, when a film was finished, music and sound were added at the end—film and sound were compartmentalized. If sonic ideas could affect what was shot or even how the film was edited, it was usually too late – “We’re out of time and we’re out of budget.”

Using the FUSIC process, Hummingbird strives to bring everyone around the same table – the agency, film and sound teams. They recommend ad agencies send scripts or storyboards early, so they can immediately bring together directors and composers, who work as a team throughout the production process.

Hummingbird director Casey Cornett says, “At the heart of it, FUSIC is a new way for advertisers to connect with their audiences. I believe when you start applying FUSIC thinking and technology to your creative process, you will never want to proceed any other way on your commercial or film project.”

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Bob FarnsworthEstablished in 1976 by Bob Farnsworth, Hummingbird Productions is one of the longest standing film and music ad production companies in America. Throughout his career, Farnsworth and his team have been directly responsible for creating thousands of commercials, many of which are still being aired today. Hummingbird’s client roster has featured major corporations including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Ford, Kellogg’s, Budweiser, Purina, Oscar Meyer, Dolby Atmos (now being installed in theaters), and many more. The people at Hummingbird claim “it’s easier to say what we haven’t worked on!”

Bob started his career in music and eventually transitioned into film. He has been featured as an icon in the advertising industry on NBC’s Today Show, is a TEDx speaker, and now travels nationwide with his presentation “The Future is FUSIC.”

A native of Greenville, SC, Farnsworth graduated from Furman University in 1974 with a degree in English, and in the same year became a recording artist with ABC Records. He now lives in Nashville with his wife and 5 children. He is actively involved in the Nashville community through Tres Dias and his church, Covenant Presbyterian. His life focus aligns with Hummingbird’s mission statement: “…desiring to leave the world a better place than we found it, whether by doing a great job or by simply demonstrating kindness.”


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