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Event Wrap-Up: The American Advertising Awards: Setting the Stage for Success with Stefanie Brown

If you plan to enter the American Advertising Awards, it’s never too early to prepare. Stefanie Brown, who has won many American Advertising Awards and judged competitions across the US, graciously lead the discussion on how to be successful with your entries. Why should you enter? Students Build your resume and portfolio Gain experience entering awards shows: […]

Event Wrap-Up: GDPR with Rachel Cain

Rachel Cain explained how the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) effects advertisers in the US who want to market to citizens of the EU. She walked us through how her team at Eastman prepared for GDPR, how they created systems to comply with the new regulations, and the challenges they overcame. GDPR makes the case […]

What is AAF? A look at the national organization

Established in 1905, the American Advertising Federation (AAF) is the only organization that includes members across all disciplines and career levels in advertising. Whether you’re new to the fast-paced world of advertising or a seasoned professional, the AAF is for you. We’re here to help you advance your career, build your connections and celebrate this […]

What is AAF? A look at District 7

AAF District 7 of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) represents 20 affiliate advertising clubs and federations of the AAF across five states including: Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. AAF District 7 is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization that is committed to serving the communities in which it resides in. AAF District 7 focuses on various initiatives throughout […]

Event Wrap-Up: Web Accessibility with Andy Didyk

Thank you so much to Ntara and Andy Didyk for leading our April lunch. Andy’s session communicated what makes a website accessible, why that’s important, and how accessibility is becoming so commonplace, it will soon be the norm in website design. Organizations now have a corporate social responsibility to create and sustain an accessible digital […]