AAF District 7 Conference with Yellow Shoes Creative

Greetings from the AAF District 7 Conference! It’s been a great weekend of meetings so far, and we always enjoy representing AAFNETN. But…

We wish you were here!!!

The keynote speakers for lunch on Friday were Matt Stewart and John McCall, art director and copywriter from Disney’s internal creative group, Yellow Shoes.

As you would expect from Disney, it was a fun, entertaining presentation. We learned that the phrase “yellow shoes” began, once upon a time, as a code used to describe Walt’s mood. If he was in a good mood, the Disney employees would say, “it’s a ‘yellow shoes’ kind of day.”

That neat piece of trivia is the story behind the Yellow Shoes name, and the rest of the presentation was a story about stories.

Matt and John specifically discussed the benefit and challenges having more ways to tell our story than ever before. Having so many ways to share is great. But, there are also more stories vying for people’s attention, which is the challenge.

The takeaway? The best stories are relevant, contextual and, most of all fun, according to Matt and John, and these guys would know. Disney is all about stories, after all.

The Yellow Shoes presentation was also a much appreciated reminder for us to not forget to play, to always ask “what if?” and to find the fun and to share it with the world. Because that’s really what makes the connections, and that’s what makes marketing and advertising great.

Here are links to some of the recent Disney’s Yellow Shoes marketing efforts that Matt and John shared with us (and even they have small budgets sometimes!). We hope you enjoy these as much as we did. Here’s to making today “yellow shoes” kind of day!

It’s a Small World 50th Anniversary Celebration on Good Morning America http://youtu.be/JHoWNB-Mz4o

Star Wars Weekend http://youtu.be/qtw33b9TCfU

Free the Disney Goat http://youtu.be/ezDozz0rZCQ

New Fantasyland http://youtu.be/azaI92vXN-s